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Calculate the odds for winning in online bingo

Most people would agree that bingo is based on luck, but actually it is possible to calculate the odds of winning a game of bingo.
 In order for you to calculate your winning odds you need to know 2 things. First of all, you need to know the number of cards you are playing in the game. After that you need to know the total number of bingo cards in play in total.
 It’s not difficult to pick up the first piece of information since you buy your own bingo cards. When it comes to the second piece of information, things become a little more difficult. However, you should be able to identify the total number of bingo cards in play.
 So, for example: if you have bought 10 bingo cards in a game and you find out that there are 300 bingo cards in play altogether, your chances of winning would be 10 in 300, or 1 in 30. As a result of this, your winning chances will be equivalent to the number of cards you are playing divided by the total number of cards in play, multiplied by 100. After this little sum, you’ll end up with the result of your chance of winning the bingo game expressed as a percentage.
 The above formula is really simple and quite logical too, but you might as well remember it. It could be helpful and who knows – you might end up winning a big online bingo jackpot.
 However, you should be aware of the simpleness of the formula. Thus, it only gives you very broad theoretical idea about your winning odds.



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Last Updated 16 January 2016
Calculate the odds for winning online bingo