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Could it be You?

Do you buy a lottery ticket like clockwork twice a week and then Euromillions tickets as well? Do you have your set numbers that you stick to and dream of the day when it’ll be your smiling face in the front of the paper popping champagne with your other half as you plan where to spend your millions first? Perhaps you are part of a lottery syndicate at work and regularly play, or maybe you only occasionally pick up a lucky dip ticket with the weekly shop when you remember.

Whatever your playing habits, chances are you’re one of the millions of us who are addicted to the National Lottery. Since the current national lottery began in 1994, it has been played regularly by a huge number of Brits and millions of pounds worth of prizes have been won.

With no skill other than a lot of luck involved, no wonder it’s such a popular national pastime!
If you love the national lottery then you should certainly give bingo a go. Like the lottery, bingo doesn’t involve great deals of skill or require large amounts of practice; it is down to chance, luck and speedy reactions. Knowing the best places to play can help as well, as bingo is a more sociable game than lottery; played in groups in bingo halls.

There are various different types of bingo games you can play both online and offline, but all follow this basic format and involve the winner being the first to make a certain pattern on their bingo card. Have a go today and, who knows, the lucky winner could be you!




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Last Updated 27 September 2017
Could it be You?