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Post Flop Bet Sizing

When making bet sizes, there are generally two schools of thought. The first is to keep all raise sizes the same, and the second is to change your bet sizes. One is catered around not giving away information, and the second is to misdirect and confuse.

In fact, it is often good strategy to deploy both schools of thought, but at different times. The monotony of the same bet-sizing strategy is suited for pre flop play, whereas the ebb and flow is best reserved for post flop action. Let us have a look at why:

Whenever you bet in the game of poker , it will be either for value or as a bluff. Your motion and bet sizing should be created so that your opponent believes your value bets are buffs and your bluffs are value bets.

But be careful with this thought process, as you also need to take the players’ table dynamic and board texture into consideration. Firing three great bluffs at a player who cannot see what you are even trying to represent is an ultimately futile move.

So, each decision should be made on its own merits; to do so, you need to slow down time.

Ask yourself these questions: what range is he or she representing? What range am I representing? If I bluff here, is he or she going to fold and, if so, to how much? If I have the better hand how much are they likely to call? Can I check here to induce a bluff-raise?

Once you have weighed up all of the information, you set your bet size and take the plunge.



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Last Updated 11 November 2015
Post Flop Bet Sizing