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Three Bets in Poker

The three-bet is one of the more common phrases you will hear on a poker website, but what exactly does it mean? 

Example: The game is a $1/2 six max cash game and the action folds around to the player in the cutoff who bets $6. A few folds later, and the player in the big blind makes it $18 to play. It is this motion that is known as a three bet.

The term three bet is used because it is the third sequential bet: the blinds are posted, a player raises, and then you re-raise.

Here are some considerations when playing in three bet pots. Firstly, the pot size is going to be much bigger. Secondly, players tend to fight more aggressively over three bet pots. Finally, the stack to pot ratio is smaller and the hand ranges are much narrower.

One of the biggest leaks that you can develop in the game of poker is to call three bets, and then surrender during the post flop play. A classic example of this is calling a three bet with a small pocket pair hoping to hit your set. 

When you take the above four factors into consideration, it is extremely difficult to continue in the hand if you miss. 

Players often get carried away in three bet pots. They either go crazy feeling that they have to play for stacks (especially 100bb poker) or they freeze. But if you pay due diligence to the four factors described above and keep a sound mind, then playing in three bet pots is not only exciting, but if played correctly, very rewarding.



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Last Updated 11 November 2015
Three Bets in Poker