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  • Big or Small Poker Rooms ?
    There are so many poker rooms on the internet today, that it is difficult to choose which ones to play at. is it best to go for a big poker room with lots of players, or the smaller more intimate poker rooms? We help you decide - Read more...
  • Pot Limit Omaha Basics
    Always wanted to play Pot Limit Omaha, but have no idea where to start. Read our article about PLO and decide for yourself whether to give it a bash or stick to Texas Hold' em - Read more...
  • Virtual Poker Tells
    Live poker is often categorised by the physical tells that people give off. In contrast, the online game is based more on mathematical principles and sound logic. However, this does not mean that you cannot pick up little details that give away the strength of your opponent’s hand - Read more about Virtual Poker Tells
  • When making bet sizes, there are generally two schools of thought. The first is to keep all raise sizes the same, and the second is to change your bet sizes. One is catered around not giving away information, and the second is to misdirect and confuse.In fact, it is often good strategy to deploy both schools of thought, but at different times. The monotony of the same bet-sizing strategy is suited for pre flop play, whereas the ebb and flow is best reserved for post flop action. Let us have a look at why: Post Flop Bet Sizing
  • The three-bet is one of the more common phrases you will hear on various Poker websites, but what exactly does it mean?


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