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Roulette, Blaise Pascal's "small wheel" originally meant to provide the French mathematician with randomly
generated numbers for his experiments, has grown into a symbol of online and offline casino gambling these days.

Being the most popular casino game to date, the roulette is subject to a lot of controversy and debate.

While browsing the internet for roulette-related information, you'll probably come across websites advertising fail safe roulette systems.
I don't know about the reaction that such offers get from you, one thing is certain though:
There are no roulette systems that work and that consistently pay out. There is absolutely nothing more to it.
Regardless of what the guy says on his website while trying to talk you into buying his system for $20,
the small wheel still works today exactly as Pascal had planned it: by generating random numbers.

Besides, if someone did have a fool-proof system, do you really think they'd sell it to you for $20?

Apparently it's human nature to always look for some sort of order, even in something that is meant to create perfect chaos.
Hammer it into you head and never override this piece of information, under any circumstances:
Numbers generated by the roulette wheel are random.
There is a mathematical system at work in roulette, all right, but that one is called the house edge,
and doesn't exactly work in your favor. Other than that, there is nothing that can yield consistent pay-outs on roulette.

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The myths that stem from this basic human need to make heads and tails of everything, are numerous.
I wouldn't even go into this next one, because I figured it was more common sense than anything,
but I saw a TV flick the other day in which people were asked whether if a coin-toss yielded heads 9 consecutive times,
the odds of the 10th toss resulting in a tails were higher than normal or not? 90% of those asked answered yes.
Mind you though, these people were adults apparently in the prime of their mental abilities.
That prompted me to reiterate the fact: neither the coin, nor the roulette ball are endowed with any sort of memory at all.
The odds of a coin toss resulting in a head or a tail is always the same (50%).
Likewise, the roulette ball will not reason that - because it hasn't landed in the 0 slotfor a while - it would be about time to hit it.

Every spin is entirely independent from everything you've witnessed before.
The odds of you landing a winning number depend on the actual odds that come with your bet and the house edge on the particular type of bet.

Don't go about looking for roulette wheels with mechanical faults either.
Not only are these wheels manufactured to the strictest of quality standards, they're also under 24/7 surveillance,
so forget about that take.

Still, there are things you can do to better your chances for a win at the roulette wheel.
One of them is to stay clear of the American-type roulette wheel.
Regardless of whether there's an additional 00 on it, or the graphic of an eagle, the result is the same:
The house edge gets a boost, which means your odds take a hit.

The European roulette (the one with a single 0 on it) provides a 2.7% house edge,
while the other type of roulette features a 5.26% house edge.

One more thing before I wrap up: Do not consider yourself wiser than the rest of the bunch and resort to the Martingale system.
While it may look like it makes sense, it's long-term consequence is inevitably a huge financial hit.

There is no EV+ on the roulette.


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